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Stallion Jet Computer To Plate Machine (CTCP)

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 Triple pin registration 
Electromagnetic triple pin system can be adjusted with the highest precision to avoid wrong plate feed- operator can choose small or big plate set with a touch of on button. 
Print basket 
If you are printing from roll materials like film or paper, prints are going here to keep them safe even in big amount- perfect for digital everyday print production. 
UV Led box 
This is integrated with the unit exposure box for UV light sensitive PS plates- you don’t need copy frame anymore. *Option available with technical restrictions* 
Epson panel window 
Access to Epson panel is now possible all the time to give you more control outside if the box. 
Control tower 
The integrated control system of all critical elements: Hot Cube, registration, timer, shutter and size limiter. LAN and USB connector are integrated and accessible from outside the box – all for your daily comfort.
StallionJet Brand CTCP system is for modern prepress studio
Advantages of the StallionjetCTP system
So far, many InkJet prepress systems have appeared in the market. Over the year, some have disappeared while others have been improved. Our system is the result of harvesting all of this experience in the inkjet prepress industry over the years. Because of this, our product is a comprehensive response to the clients’ expectations in the small and medium-sized printer segment.


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